Abundance Day

Abundance Day 14 October 2018

With a slight delay we are happy to share with you memories from one of our two yearly community days when we open our gates to the public and invite everyone for food, free workshops, plant and craft sales and a friendly conversation.

Abundance Day happens every year in October when we celebrate our harvest and the winding down of our beautiful garden. We always hope for a nice sunny day, a “golden autumn” so to speak, but this year we were not so lucky. Sunday 14th October was one of the ugliest, rainiest day of the month. Luckily, British people always can be relied upon to come out with their wellies and umbrellas whatever the weather! (The humble author of this post hasn’t been born in this country and cannot quite fathom how you can enjoy yourself in such weather conditions, but many people came to our Abundance Day and they were enjoying themselves a lot as hopefully the photos below will attest.)

Thank you to everyone who came and hopefully we’ll see more of you next year during our World Music Day in the summer!


[Photos: Alan Skene]