The Treasurer: 

  • Is a Trustee of Forest Farm Peace Garden and as such, since the charity is constituted as a company limited by guarantee (no. 05846731), is a director of that company, with all the normal responsibilities of a trustee and a company director.
  • Provides leadership and advice to the board of Trustees on financial matters and helps the Board to fulfil its responsibilities for the financial governance and direction of the organisation.
  • Works in partnership with the Project Manager, and as necessary in liaison with Book-keeper and the Independent Examiner, to ensure the production of key financial documentation including the annual budget, the annual statutory accounts and bi-monthly management accounts.
  • Advises the Project Manager on financial matters including budgets for funding applications.
  • Advises the Board on financial matters such as the financial implications of proposed new projects, staffing changes, salary increases, levels of reserves etc.
  • Is a bank signatory for FFPG.
  • May, in common with other Trustees, act as a mentor for a particular member of FFPG staff.

Main Tasks

In order to fulfil these responsibilities the Treasurer needs to be able to:

  • Attend most board meetings – normally held in the early evening every 6 to 8 weeks in FFPG’s offices in Ilford or at the peace garden.
  • Meet with the project manager at FFPG’s offices in Ilford from time to time.
  • Read and respond to emails from other Trustees and from staff members.  We often use email for sharing information and for making decisions that either cannot wait for the next Trustees meting or do not require full discussion in a meeting.
  • Re-present financial reports downloaded from QuickBooks by our Book-keeper in a user-friendly format for other Trustees.
  • Log in to our online banking at CAF Bank to approve payments.
  • Occasionally attend public events at the peace garden such as Abundance Day or World Music Day.
  • Very occasionally attend meetings with external parties such as a partner organisation or funding body.

Experience, knowledge & Skills

The Treasurer will have:

  • Work experience in the field of finance, probably at management level, and is likely to have a financial qualification.
  • An understanding of budgets and of management and statutory accounts.
  • A knowledge of charity-specific financial matters such as restricted funding – or the ability and willingness to learn about such matters.
  • The ability to explain financial matters to people who don’t have specialist financial knowledge.
  • Experience of making decisions collectively on boards, committees or other types of working groups.
  • Commitment to and enthusiasm for the work of FFPG.


The current Treasurer, Simon Carruth, is happy to answer any questions about the role and can be contacted via email at

Simon will also be available to induct the new Treasurer and provide support.

Please complete the application form at the bottom of the trustee vacancies page.