Growing roots for refugee and asylum seekers

Growing Roots is a group for refugees and asylum seekers who are accessing support through Redbridge Psychological Services. They have been attending our ecotherapy sessions since summer 2017. Many are struggling through the asylum process and are looking for ways to take their mind off the uncertain and stressful process. Others want to get back in touch with nature and meet other friendly people.

Find out how one their members, Deva, has benefited from being involved:

“I am from India. I was introduced to Forest Farm Peace Garden by my psychologist, due to my depressed situation and stressful mind. I needed a place to relax and meet kind people to talk to. I have found this place really helpful and have made a few friends. I feel really relaxed and it feels like home every time I visit the garden. The atmosphere and beautiful people make the place wonderful, which gives me positive vibes.

I have noticed that I receive more positive energy from the people there than outside. It helps me deal with fatigue and anxiety for the next couple of days after visiting the garden. That’s the reason I love to come to this place every week. I have learnt many things about gardening and earned some good friends. I was a bit aggressive before due to my depression. Since coming I have noticed my mood has improved and I am much less aggressive.

I enjoy talking with people, especially Aaron one of the buddies, who knows almost everything about everything. Talking to him is like learning! Personally, I love this place as it reminds me of back home. Thanks for welcoming me as a volunteer.”